About NonPlastik

Our values

  • Always think twice before buying/using plastic products. You might not need it at all or there is an easy alternative!
  • Bring your own. Bring your own straw, bag and water bottle to reduce everyday plastic waste.
  • Lead by example. Don’t judge other people for their choices, rather show the alternative by your own actions.
  • Be kind. To everyone around you, our clients and the nature.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce plastic consumption by making environment-friendly alternatives more accessible.

The plastic itself is not a problem. It’s our relentless overconsumption of it and poor reuse is what hurts the environment the most. Every piece of plastic that was manufactured since 1950s, still exists in some form today and that’s horrifying. While there are many areas where plastic overconsumption is a real problem, we chose single-use every-day items as our first target. We aim to offer non-plastic alternatives for items like packaging, bags, toothbrushes, straws, cutlery, plates and others. If you have seen a great plastic-free alternative to any product – let us know!

Join us in our fight against plastic and become a NonPlastik Ambassador. Inspire your friends and family with the changes you make, spread the word and refuse the next plastic straw you get in the bar. It all starts with you.

Our story

NonPlastik idea was born in Bali, Indonesia after seeing the impact of plastic overconsumption in this beautiful island. While there is a long way to go until the plastic problem will be under control, some locals are making first steps and started offering home-made bamboo straws as an alternative. Inspired by this, NonPlastik’s founder Tauras has decided to bring this natural alternative to Europe and rest of the world to inspire people be more conscious about their decisions.

Social responsibility

We would love to share part of the profits from selling plastic alternatives with the non-profit organizations that are working towards tackling the plastic problem. If you know an organization who would benefit from our donations or you are the representative of one yourself – please get in touch!

bamboo straw producer in Bali
Balinese family who produces our Bamboo Straws
Bamboo straw production in Bali
Almost ready to be shipped
Visiting bamboo straw maker family in Bali
Having a Balinese Coffee with our partners