Bamboo Pen - Nature Friendly - in Switzerland

bamboo pen
  • Bamboo pen – Packs of 5 or 10
  • Ecological and natural bamboo with some metal and plastic components
  • A great daily use alternative to 100% plastic pens




Bamboo pen is a great alternative to the conventional plastic pen.  The latter is one of the most commonly used writing tools in the world. Even with computers replacing many handwritten documents, pens are, of course, still used daily to sign physical papers or take notes every day.

The issue is that plastic pens actually aren’t recyclable unlike a bamboo pen. The pens you use and dispose of are actually ending up in landfills. In the United States alone, Americans throw away an estimated 1.6 billion pens each year.

It is a lot of plastic that could be either recycled or just not manufactured in the first place. So what can you do?

Opt for a bamboo pen that is recyclable.  The pens contain some non wood components but every little step counts and we hope to get one day pens that can be recycled 100%. 

Our logo and slogan on the pen will remind you daily why we take an effort to make our contribution towards caring for the Planet.  We believe this logo can also inspire others. We also can print your corporate credentials on request.  Since we will do it in the UK, we have competitive prices for Switzerland.

Why a bamboo pen and not a wooden one?

Bamboo is used to make a wide variety of products; from toothbrush to clothes. There are a lot of good reasons why bamboo is becoming a very popular material. For example, bamboo is the most abundant natural materials. It is cheap to grow and harvest bamboo. Since this material is widely used it is important to understand the benefits of it and why you should use it.

The Benefits of Bamboo Products

  1. It is a sustainable and natural material
  2. It is an eco-friendly material
  3. It is biodegradable
  4. It supports the growth of more plantation and a greener planet
  5. t is versatile 

Additional information

Weight150 g
Pack Size

Pack of 12, Pack of 6, Pack of 5, Pack of 10


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