Silk Face Masks - Sustainable - now in Switzerland

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  • Genuine high quality silk masks
  • Very pleasant and gentle to skin
  • Silk has natural antibacterial properties
  • 100% ecological and recyclable unlike conventional medical masks
  • Silk is a very durable material
  • Super light
  • Fits all type of faces
  • With adjustable stripes

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Silk face masks are new.  This natural, luxury material proves to be very useful in the beauty industry. Now finally available for purchase in Switzerland!

These masks from the natural fabric are effective and also prevent facial irritation.

They are especially beneficial if your skin is sensitive. Silk is cooling, naturally hypoallergenic.  It tends to absorb less moisture than cotton.  Silk fabric does not dry out the skin.

The masks have multiple layers for better protection. These new type of masks fits all types of faces and have ajustable stripes for further comfort. The masks are individually packed. Please note that for hygiene reasons we do not accept the returns.

The silk face masks are very new on the market and people are yet to realise the benefits of using them.  No more skin irritation and much easier to breath through.  Besides, these facial masks are very durable and can be reused for a significant length of time.  The same cannot be said for their alternatives in cotton and synthetic fabrics.

It is recommended to wash the masks made out of silk daily, in the evening.  The silk dries very fast, next morning you can put a silk face mask on again.

Unlike the conventional medical masks that are not decomposable, do opt for the silk face masks you can reuse in respect of the Nature.


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Weight150 g

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1 review for Silk Face Masks – Sustainable – now in Switzerland

  1. Nadine

    I have been looking for a natural fabric alternatives in masks for a while. The ones from was a pleasant surprise in terms of quality and price. Silk is a very expensive fabric, yet makes such a huge difference for skin and breathing. The masks are very pleasant to the skin and affordable. Thanks a lot for selling these in Switzerland!

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